What is MALAQY Cost+ Pricing?

MALAQY's Cost+ Pricing (also known as interchange+ pricing) is the most transparent and cost effective billing method used in the industry today. The sad thing is that 95% of the merchant service providers out there don't use this method. Cost+ Pricing is a pricing platform that is fully transparent and signifies true savings. When you the merchant, process a transaction, the interchange cost is passed directly to you. Interchange is the direct cost from Visa and MasterCard. Every Merchant Service Provider in the industry receives Visa and MasterCard at the same cost price (interchange). The only difference is that they choose to over-complicate things with complex rate structures and long-term contracts. When you process with MALAQY, the cost of interchange is passed directly to you and we only charge a small markup on top the monthly processing volume.

For example, if a transaction had an interchange cost of 1.25%, then you the merchant would be billed 1.25% plus we would charge you a set rate of 0.15% for example. Therefor giving you a true rate cost of 1.40%. It's that simple.

Why is Cost+ Pricing Better?

In an industry plagued with complicated rate structures, merchants today strive for simplicity, transparency and savings. Cost+ Pricing is a method used to overcome the industry standard of "interchange differential" pricing. Interchange Differential is a pricing platform that charges a base "Qualified" rate and also a "Non-Qualified" rate. And it doesn't stop there, a "Interchange Differential Fee" is also charged on top. This differential fee is a method most processors use to double charge a merchant multiple times for the same transaction.

Now MALAQY changes all that by offering the merchant the Cost+ Pricing Program. Cost+ passes the cost of interchange directly to the merchant and only charges a small single markup. MALAQY's Cost+ Pricing Platform gives merchants true savings and transparency.

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